Girls Night


girlsnightA Spa Escape is 1 hour of relaxation & pampering where you and 6-8 of your friends receive a series of BeautiControl mini spa-quality treatments such as a sea salt scrub hand treatment, deep moisturizing foot treatment, lip exfoliation.

Here are several fun spa theme ideas, or create your own theme. You supply the party, I supply the spa!

Come Spa With Me…The Spa Escape

Includes for all guests a foot treatment, exfoliating hand treatment, nourishing lip & eye treatments, and relaxation techniques for all. You may choose to include detoxifying warm facial with green tea masque and facial scrub for beautiful, healthy skin too!

Spajama Party Spa

Treat your guests to the Spa Escape in their comfy PJ’s ready for ultimate girl time & relaxation.

Dessert Spa

Treat your guests to the Spa Escape featuring our latest bath and body collections. Yummy treatments and chocolate goodies set the stage for this delicious spa party.

Bride to Be Spa

Pamper the Bride and her wedding party. The bride can use it to buy gifts for her wedding party or the wedding party can use it to buy gifts for the Bride.

New Mom or Mom to Be

It’s all about pampering the new mom! At the end of the pampering, everyone can ADD up to three gifts for the mom at ½ price to THEIR order. Try our New Products for Baby.

Take Years Off Spa

Treat your guests to Microderm treatments & our TOP anti-aging products (Botox in a bottle!!) Look 5 years younger in minutes!!   Are you ready to watch those age spots, lines & wrinkles diminish?!?! Look years younger!


Invite your friends to come play “make-up” and take advantage of the featured monthly specials.

Beauti Boot Camp

A fun way to kick your beauty regimen into gear.

Margarita Spa

Treat your guests to the Spa Escape with an emphasis on our Margarita Collection (treatments for the feet, hands and Body).

Wine & Cheese Lover’s Spa

Treat your guests to the Spa Escape featuring our latest bath and body collections   A bottle of wine, great cheese and BeautiControl, what a great way to relax!


Bring your own banana! But shhhh…don’t tell your friends why! You provide ice cream and toppings, I provide the pampering treatments while everyone enjoys a banana split!

Birthday Spa

Pamper the Birthday girl! Guests can use it to buy gifts for the birthday girl.

“Au Naturel” Facial Session

Treat your guests to essential oils cleansing Facial, oxygen infusion treatment and Essential Oils Deep Facial Treatment.

Oxygen Bar

Enjoy an oxygen masque and facial.

Refresh Your Look – Mini Makeover!

Set the stage for a Makeover or just plain Girlfriend Time. This small group of 4 – 5 is perfect for discovering your best foundation color and cosmetic application techniques to help you put it all together in just 5 minutes. Here’s Looking at YOU Girlfriend!

Additional Themes

  • Wine and Wrinkles
  • Martini’s and Mascara
  • Sandal’s and Sun
  • Eyes-crème Social
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Chocolate Lover’s                 
  • Flip Flop Spa
  • Cupcakes & coffee
  • Bridal Party Spa
  • Mother Daughter Spa
  • Girl’s night out

Would you like some great deals on amazing BeautiControl product but you can’t find a time where your friends can relax a bit? Ask me about my traveling spa basket or hosting a facebook party!

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