When my web designer began asking me about this page’s content, despite how excited I am about BeautiControl, this was the most difficult page for me to put together.

You see, I’ve been with BeautiControl for more than 26 years, and as such, I’ve seen a great number of changes, met so many new friends, and have seen a staggering number of wonderful new products developed.

I know the “ins and outs” of the business, why BeautiControl works on a personal level, and why it succeeds (for a working mother like myself) on a “home business” level… I know why I’m a loyal customer, and why my friends (who were with me at my very first meeting) are still with me today.

Because of all this, you’d think this page would be the easiest right? Wrong! When you are as excited about something after 26 years as I am about BeautiControl (and my hubby), you want tell everyone, everything you can! So… I did… and 27 pages later, he made me do it again… but this time, as if I was speaking to a friend (which now you are).

In a nutshell, BeautiControl has remained a part of my life because of their high quality products, because of the recognition I receive when I accomplish a goal, and because of the continued support I receive from not only my customers, my team, and BeautiControl, but also because of how much my family has truly welcomed BeautiControl into our family life, and how they support me in my efforts.

Because of BeautiControl, our family has been able to achieve financial goals a little sooner than we might have, and things like paying for college tuition, or having a little bit more fun on our vacations have all been a part of the BeautiControl life.

What ever your personal or financial goals in life are, I would love to show you an exciting and amazingly fun way to achieve them. Call me, email me, or click the link below to find all of the information you need to get started today!

To join now, simply click the “Get Started” link below which will take you to my official BeautiControl website, then click on “Start Now“. It’s really easy! I’m looking forward to showing you how much fun and rewarding your own personal business can be!

Becoming a Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Join with our NEW SPA Beauti Tote for $129 + tax and shipping. You receive everything you need to start your SPA business
Part 1 value between $232-301 and Part 2 value between $224-295  See all you receive click here.

Do I have to carry inventory?

NO. BeautiControl inventory is optional. You can even have clients all place orders online and filled by BeautiControl via your BeautiPage. You receive 40% commission on items purchased on your BeautiPage.

Do I have to hold Spa Escape Parties?

NO. It is YOUR business; you can purchase products at a 20-50% discount by ordering for yourself and sharing with family and friends.

There are 9 Ways to Make Money with BeautiControl

  1. Spa
  2. One on One skincare & makeup consultations
  3. Social Media
  4. Travelling Baskets & Samples
  5. BeautiPage / Monthly Paper Brochures/e-Brochure
  6. Event Selling
  7. Walk of Life Selling
  8. Re-orders
  9. Commissions and bonuses
Do I have monthly sales quota that I have to buy to remain active?

To remain an active consultant you need to place any size order every 120 days (that’s only 3 times per year). If you decide you don’t want to continue to be a consultant, you do nothing and become inactive – the case is yours to keep.

It’s easy to stay active just by using the products yourself and taking advantage of your consultant discounts.

Is there a dress code?

No, there is not a dress code; this is YOUR business, wear what you like.

What are the discount levels?
  • (Regular discount levels offered continually)
  • 20% if your retail order is less than $249
  • 25% if your retail order is $250-$499
  • 30% if your retail order is $500-$749
  • 40% if your retail order is $750 or more
    Become a VIP by having 3 consultants join your team and receive higher discounts ranging from 30%-50% as long as you have 3 active consultants on your team. BeautiControl will place products on sale and then we receive our discount on top of that allowing us to get some great deals.
Are there ordering specials when I join?


  1. When you place a $500 retail order in your first full calendar month, you will get a 45% profit on that order and any additional orders for the remainder of your first three full calendar months.
  2. Or you can accumulate $500 retail sales (discount based on individual order amounts) in your first full calendar month, you will get a 45% profit on any additional orders for the remainder of your first three full calendar months.
Are there territories?

NO, it does not matter how many consultants are in any area.

Are there areas that are saturated?

Again, it does not matter how many consultants are in any area. Rest assured, there are plenty of people who have never heard of BeautiControl. I am located in an area that was first introduced to BeautiControl and I meet people everyday that have never heard of BeautiControl. So, we have an open market?

Do I have to attend BeautiYOU?
  • BeautiYou consists of 7 On-Demand training modules that you take at your convenience on your phone, tablet or computer!
  • Receive part 2 of your Beauti Tote when you complete the modules in your first calendar month.
Is there other training available?

Yes, beginning the minute you receive your consultant id (immediately after you turn in your paid agreement) you have online video training at your fingertips.

Why chose BeautiControl over other direct sales companies?

One thing to consider when choosing a home-based business is the type of products they offer. We offer consumable products, meaning people will continue to order over and over again. BeautiControl has been in business for 35 years and having phenomenal growth in sales. Baby boomers want to stop the aging process; anti-aging products are a hot commodity. BeautiControl has their own research institute staffed by PHDs who create patented formulas for visible results. BeautiControl,s career plan is easy to understand.

Are there meetings I must attend?

NO, meetings are not mandatory.

Can I sell products on my personal website?

NO, your website can link to your BeautiPage where clients can place orders. You receive your BeautiPage free for your first Three Full calendar months, afterwhich is is $120 per year. You must submit your personal website to BeautiControl for approval if you plan to link to your BeautiPage. BeautiControl gives you 40% commission on every order placed on your BeautiPage.

I am not a salesperson.

You don’t have to be a salesperson, just share the products and they sell themselves.

Is this a multi-level marketing company?

MLM companies focus on recruiting to build a business. BeautiControl focuses on product sales to generate income. BeautiControl offers different levels of leadership, but this is not required to make money. You receive the 20-50% discount on products regardless of your level in the company. You can earn money from products sales alone due to the 20-50% discount you receive

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